I just learnbed that attendance at this year’s Chicago Midwinter Meeting was 31,333, which is 9% below last year’s attendance. Around 7000 dentists attended the show. This seems to be mirroring the attendance at other conventions I have been going to.

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This information comes from the Chicago Dental Society's website. It was posted on the Mid-Winter (What recession) thread, but here it is again

Mid-Winter #s
Was that a slip with the Mid Winer meeting:)
Why does everyone keep on focusing on attendance? Most of the exhibitors had solid sales, and many consider the Midwinter Meeting to be a good value. I have never heard exhibitors praise the ADA meeting.

That's a great point. As long as sales are up who cares if attendance is down 50%. However, attendance is normally a good indicator of sales.

People were happy with the midwinter because every other show leading up to it has been a dog, so even a few customers were a breath of fresh air.
Other than GNY, what other dental shows are actually "good"? I hear good things about the CDA meetings, but that's about it.
The IDS is the world's best international show and this year's (to be held next week) will be a good barometer of global industry health, as well as outlook for 2009. The Chicago Midwinter and the GNYDM see a lot of international traffic. The ADA has gotten progressively worse as a retail experience.

Domestically, we do very well as specialty shows that deal almost exclusively with our segments of expertise (implant, endo, portable (public health/special care)). They are generally very good about allocating face-time with attendees, who are most often the doctor's themselves, rather than the herds of staff at typical state or national association meetings.

Stefan, would you be kind enough to give some examples of the specialty shows you're talking about? I've never seen (other than ROOTS) an endo exclusive show, but I sure would like to!
I have the feeling you are asking the other Stefan, but I can tell you there are all kinds of specialty meetings like American Academy of Endodontic, Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry, World Congress on Minimally Invasive Dentistry plus many others.

There are so many specialties in dentistry that these smaller meetings sometimes outperform the larger meetings if your product is applicable to the specailized meeting..

Stefan Luger
So many Stefans, so little time.

Thanks for pointing some of those meetings out to me! I see that the AAE meeting will be here in CA next year. Good info!! I love this site and it's people like you taking time to share that make it work. Thank you!
Is there such a thing as too many Stefan's?

Here are some of the specialty meetings we regularly attend:

Implant: AO, AAID, AAP, AACD, EAO, ICOI, Europerio, etc.

Endo: AAE, ESE, IFEA, ROOTS, etc.

Interestingly enough, we've seen a lot of cross-over between the implant and endo shows in the past number of years. This is thanks, in large part, to the increasing number of GP's who are getting into both specialities. I never thought I'd see Nobel Biocare are a primary sponsor of the ROOTS or AAE, but there you go.

Portable: Special Care Federation, Association of National, State and Territorial Dental Directors, AMSUS, etc.

While face-time with doctors is generally limited to break times, you can't beat the quality of leads. In fact, we typically write more business from these shows than many large state or national general meetings. Also, the meeting organizers at the smaller shows tend to treat exhibitors like human beings.

I've only been in the dental industry for a few years now, so I think I may have been at the EDS booth for maybe 12-15 various tradeshows.....but from what I see, even at the majors like CDA, Mid-Winter Chicago and GNYDM attendance in the exhibit hall lulls during CE courses.

Your description of limited face-time doesn't sound like a real liability; between your description of the leads at the specialized meetings and my experience with dentist presence at the booth during big shows I think EDS would be missing some choice opportunities not to participate at some of these meetings!

I'm not sure how we might react to being treated like human beings though....and knowing my luck I'd get a booth sandwiched between Stefans!


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