Here is a link from the Newberg Oregon newspaper detailing ADEC's announced layoff of 10% of their workforce. If it is happening to the industry leader, many more bouts of bad news are to come.

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The Universe of buyers will not get bigger, The net price of each purchase will get smaller, Resulting in lower dollar volume and profit.
This year will be dominated by the bargan shopper.
Hard selling will be necessary to keep most equipment manufacturers in the black. Just cutting prices or cutting quality will not close the gap.
smart move on Adec's part to have a more affordable model. With the influx of equipment companies from overseas (read China) and the lousy economy the 300 could be a best seller!
DSR, the Chinese companies that have sold chair/unit/light units in the US so far have been laughable in quality. Aluminium bases breaking in two etc.... If a Dr wanted a 5K package, you get what you pay for. Good luck to you. There are alot of great US manufacturer's besides Adec. P/C, Royal/Proma,Midmark to name a few. Bottom line, there are lot's of good choices for the DR's today. If you can take the distribution exclusives out of the equation.:)
Doug, I partly disagree, Some of the equipment is hard to tell from the companies that they've copied. If you didn't know better you would think there is some partnering going on.
However, most of what i've seen is very badly manufactured, with all of the design put into eye appeal, to fool the uninformed.
I know this is anecdotal evidence, but one dentist that I have visited, bought six packages, of which only two are currently working, the rest have become spare parts. However he only paid $3500.00 per package. So I guess that works out to about $10.500 per operatory.
They will have to sell twice the units. Hard to do when your dealer network barely reaches 50% of the market.
Sometimes you need to "prune" the trees to make sure that you are getting the best fruit. This is not always a "bad" thing (I know, I'm not the one losing the job). The customers that have recently had A-Dec installed are extremely happy with the quality and support that they have gotten. I'm sure that this is not the last of cuts/layoffs out in this industry. Still the most recession proof industry out there......


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