Howdy Everyone!
Tying up loose ends this friday and I thought I'd share some information on a new "tool" that I can't do without in my bag.  

My iPad

At first glance, you would assume it's just a toy, but start using it and tinkering around with the apps that are available and you'll see what a powerful sales and marketing tool this new gadget can be!

Reasons I love it:
1) Weight - walking around the city with a full bag is a pain in the shoulder!  My goal is to completely ditch the laptop and only use my iPad for my sales calls.
2) Expandability - Want to do something new - just search for an app!  Someone else has probably already thought of the same idea and implemented it.
3) Quick and Easy - it sounds like I'm being lazy...but opening and closing the laptop every few minutes, entering a password, it gets time consuming.  Then forget about when Windows XP has a hiccup and I'm sitting there twiddling my thumbs waiting for my data.  The iPad is QUICK.  I can swoosh and swipe to get to the information I need faster than ever before.
4) Quick YouTube Access - I'm planning on using this to access product videos and testimonials immediately during a sales call.

Things I'm going to be working on:
1) I just got all my customer history data on the iPad this morning.  Using a combination of Excel and Dropbox.  It works seamlessly, however, I need to find a way to link my iPad to my company's online customer database...App Developers?
2) Order Entry - Right now my company uses old software to enter orders and keep track of item pricing.  I need to get an app or online ordering up and running.  For now I can email all my orders in to our customer service department, but a better way is right around the corner - again App Developers?!

What new tools are you using to help you out in the field!?  I'd highly encourage everyone to get an iPad and put it to use.

Have a great weekend!

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By any chance is there an app available to run windows based programs on it?
There are several apps that let you run windows on the i-Pad,

I am starting to get away from using programs like Excel and Word. You can operate in the cloud for FREE with Google docs. It is a great if you are sharing information or colaborating on a project.
I'll second that Bill, Google Docs is an awesome tool. I was working with someone across the country on the same document. We could see each others cursors and watch in real time as we both edited the document. Collaboration is amazing!
I wrote a couple of blogs on the iPad - specific for dental. I actually developed an app DMDrep at the iTunes store
Read my blog on the iPad versus Kindle along with a challenge to the Dental Media to develop an app or work with Zinio or another electronic magazine developer to come out with a version we can subscribe to like my other electronic magazines.

Check out blog:

Look for my "electronic business card" at the iTunes store - its free

Check out the DMDrep blog on iPad on Wordpress featuring "apps" like DropBox...

I LOVE my iPad so far, but I still carry my laptop for the same reasons as you do. I also find typing a bit of a chore on the iPad...

I am replying on my laptop - at this time I see uses for both - the iPad at this time is not a laptiop killer, but it deginitely has a place in my electronic armatarium!

Warren The Everything Dental Guy!
Success in Dentistry and Life;
I think the iPad has so many possible uses. Yes, much faster as a laptop presentation tool. If you have automation of some kind that needs a control interface chances are there is an app for that. When you get home you can use it to turn your TV on and the lights down. I use it to demo
my website

you can use go to my pc and remote in to your system thru your i-pad. it works great

Hi Ian


Are you still finding  good use for the iPad as a sales tool ?


We would love to show you what we're working on. Its called StoryDesk.


I think you will find it meets a lot of your business needs, mentioned above.
Feel free to call Mrinal at 646 321 1576 and we can tell you more


Thanks !


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