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Danaher screws the lil guy

Danaher has tighten up their  sales force by whacking a whole bunch of indys and Pearson as well... in the bay area their gonna leave the sales to Schein ( who sell the hell out of planmeca) Benco ( who isn't even here,yet) and Patterson?( I don't think Patterson is a gendex dealer, Sirona!) and Burkhardt I guess, not sure what burkhardt sells... these guys just spent all last year telling us if we didn't hit a certain number they would take out some dealers...after a damn good effort it…


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Schein and Patterson Merge

   Bout time!!!!!!!

                      happy april fools day..........................

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Ode to the Midmark M11

Had to replace an M11 with a new one last friday and this lil diddy was attached to the old one going out


         Mid Mark! Oh Mid Mark

      Adapted by Kim with apologies to Shel Silverstein


           Mid Mark ! Oh Mid Mark

           We hate you, your busted

          All of your insides

           Are horribly rusted.

           If only we could

           Throw you off the roof

           Mid Mark! Oh, Mid…


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How to negotiate with dentist


there probably isnt an office in america that hasnt had a patient like this guy.....

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New Account

Im always surprised to see the difficulties posted here of salesman trying to find a way past the "gatekeeper" to get a moment from the a tech,I walk in the back door, I help myself to a cup of coffee, I grab a piece of candy from the jar and grab my repair list and start at it.....if I want to talk to the Dr. I walk up to Op he is working in and wait till he stops drilling to look in my direction and I have his undivided attention....Damn what any salesman would do to be in my…


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Custom delivery cabinets---one size fits all

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Poor Decisions

Wow, I had a heart stopping experience over the weekend while doing a job in San Francisco. I moved some equipment (2ops) from one side of the hallway to the other side so they could take advantage of the glass corner Ops that overlook union square instead of the blank walls the patients were lookin at now....the original ops had the units hooked up to the building water  plumbing and I told them I wouldnt do that because the plumber never put on angel valves and I wasnt gonna cut into water…


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Chuck Wishman does the unthinkable......

At least Ive never heard of anyone doing anything like this guy just did....he retired....for real...Everyone I know retires and comes back with a new nametag and a buttondown shirt with someone elses logo on it...or we put em in a box and retire them to the soil, I know Ive been to more funerals then retirement partys in the last 30 years. I sent an email to Chuck after I got the news asking him which new company hes gonna be starting and if I could be a part of it, but he says his…


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Belmont Equipment Sales

My northern California Belmont rep got canned last week, he is a well respected guy out here in the area, any vendor door he walks into is happy to see him, he has been around longer then I have (30 years), he is a hard working rep, shows up at the Drs office,always has the right info,knows his products and prices.....and I know Belmont would like to grow thier numbers here in NorCal,but there is one dealer that probably does 70% of thier sales here (Pearson)...and even though Pearson sells… Continue

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